Toilet Cubicle Supply & Installation Service

Here at Cubicle Giant, we can design, manufacture and install all forms of toilet cubicles and stalls anywhere in the country for you.


Using state of the art machinery and the highest quality timber products, we manufacture toilet cubicles, vanity units, IPS panels and more from start to finish. From singular replacement panels, to a full school toilet block, we can assist you through the whole process, ensuring your needs are met in time and on budget.

The machinery used to make toilet cubicles and its panels is very important, as the accuracy and finish of each cut will determine the overall look and feel of the end product. That is why we have invested heavily in the newest forms of machinery available in the UK, this ensures that all of the products we make are of the highest quality and standard.


Cubicle Giant is proud to be partnered with FSE UK who offer an installation service nationwide. Whether you are in Birmingham or Scotland, FSE’s expert team will provide you with a dedicated installation service for all your cubicle and ancillary needs.

It’s important when selecting an installation team to find somebody who has experience with the installation of cubicles and there related products, to ensure that the finished product is of the best quality and has been installed in the correct manor.

Have a question about installation? Then call FSE UK today on 01138331235.

Design Options

We have a vast variety of colours and finishes available for your project, whether this be a primary colour or a wood grain finish, our range will have something for you.

Our team are always on hand to help you with the design of your cubicles and to show you all the options available to you. We are passionate about making our cubicles visually excellent and suitable for our clients needs.

For a free no obligation quotation, contact our team today on 01253 864902.